YTCi - TSTA preparation

I qualified as CTA in 1990, and 34 years later I am still loving TA, theory, practice and being a member of the international TA community, in which I and my colleagues in YTCi are actively involved in.

Dave and Uta have worked for EATA over many years, as examiners, and as exam supervisors, organising the CTA and TSTA examinations in many venues. For 6 years DAve was the EATA supervising examiner.

Both Dave and Uta continue to be involved in exams as well as having being TSTA examiners many times.

We are available to run small groups and indivdual supervisions for those preparing for their TSTA examinations.

See Dave's notes on teaching and supervision - TA articles

Dave Spenceley TSTA - Jan 2024
TSTA Preparation

Dave Spenceley TSTA (p) and Uta Höhl TSTA (c) are extremely experienced TSTA examiners, and organisers of EATA examinations as local exam supervisors. Dave served for 6 years as the EATA supervising examiner.

They have also staffed on many TEW's and Uta ran the WEW for EATA.

TSTA exam Preparation: Once you have achieved the minimum requirements for the TSTA examination then you will need to prepare for the TSTA examinations - be aware that the maximum time allowed between the TEW and taking the TSTA examination is 14 years.

TSTA preparation is available in either small group settings or individually with with Dave and/or Uta.

The exam is in 3 parts

  • Theory / ethics / and organisation exam - each area must be prepared for
  • Teaching - You will need to prepare to teach a 101 topic and a pre-prepared 20 minute teach. You will need a clear explanation of your understanding of the learning process, teaching methods and your teaching philosophy as well as reflecting on the process in the teaching experience in the exam.
  • Supervision - You will supervise two volunteers, one will bring CTA level supervision and one will bring a topic related to being a PTSTA / trainer / supervisor. You will need to develop a clear sense of your supervision philosophy and methedoloy and will need to be comfortable reflecting on the two supervisions in the exam.
Contact Dave or Uta in order to arrange a supervision plan regarding your TSTA examinations and to arrange small group TSTA preparation groups.