YTCi - online and hybrid guidlines
Online and Hybrid guidlines....

We have all become used to participating in online events and we have been impressed by how successful these training's and therapeutic events have been.

Following our experience with online and hybrid groups we are now aware of what works for the groups and these requirements / suggestions are following this learning and to make your experience as full as possible.

YTCi normally uses zoom for all events held online. When possible we use a two (or for hybrid 3) screen system, with external cameras and microphones for high definition sound and vision. We also have high quality connections and always have a back up system available in case of the normal system failing.

We ask all participants to online events to ensure ….

That your connection is secure and that you have a back up option such as a mobile hotspot available if need be.
Please do not use the backdrops provided by zoom, they are simply distracting as they are not stable enough when you move position. As a consequence remember that whatever is behind you will be seen and noticed!
No ghosting - therefore your camera and your own screen must be on at all times.
Ensure your own and the groups privacy - you must be alone in the room you are using, without interruptions from others. You cannot for example join the session from a train, or car, a park, a cafe a waiting area in an airport, or an office, when others may well interrupt you. (Since working online we have had clients / trainees wanting to join a session using all of the above!)
Use a device with a large screen, mobile phones / even the ones with big screens do not allow you to see the group well enough to be an active participant who is able to see other peoples facial responses for example.
Large screens or a 2 screen system is preferable so that if screen sharing you can continue to see both the group and the shared screen.
Whatever device you are using ensure it is stable, not sitting on your lap or being hand held. It is extremely distracting to everyone else when your image is not stable.   
Keep your device muted unless you wish to speak -
When you do wish to ask questions/ contribute to the discussion do so as anyone in the room would, don’t use an emoji to attract attention as they might well not be seen and often cause confusion and are always distracting.
Don’t use the onscreen chat options unless specifically asked to by the trainer - as this is also extremely distracting.
Please respect the group in the same way as if present in the group - therefore the do not use other devices other than for taking notes and if you are doing this please let the group know.
Please remember it is very obvious to those watching you onscreen if you are not attending to the group process.

Hybrid rules:

In order to protect the groups integrity - attending a session online/Hybrid will not be allowed simply because it is more convenient for the individual participant.
When a group is meeting in person there might be exceptional circumstances which mean we must run the session as a hybrid group when the technology to do so is available- for example if the person is in a different city or country and cannot reasonably travel. At times the pandemic or other illness may also cause a member to be unable to attend in person.
The trainers and group must be informed well in advance that a hybrid meeting is requested and the final decision to allow a hybrid group will be made by the trainer / coach / therapist running the group.
If a hybrid attendance is or is not available to a particular group it does not alter the payment and cancellation conditions described on the payments page of this site.