TA 101 course - introduction to TA

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I qualified as a CTA in 1990, and 34 years later I am still loving TA, theory, practice and being a member of the international TA community, in which I and my colleagues in YTCi are actively involved.

TA training is a relational process with the goal of personal and professional development and transformation. This approach is reflected in the articles I have written and posted on this website -
articles .

The 101 course is the entry gate to further TA training which can lead to a professional qualification as a Certified Transaction Analyst. (CTA).

Since the onset of the covid pandemic we have been impressed by how effective online training, supervision coaching and psychotherapy is. Therefore we have created this website with the focus on our online work. Feel free to email me if you have any further questions.

Dave Spenceley TSTA - February 2024

TA 101 Course - Introduction to TA

TA Introduction - the TA 101 course: in-person / hybrid / online "101 courses" - Details and course outline: 101 - ytcI.pdf

The First Step in TA training: TA can be transformational in personal and professional settings, and is used throughout the world by professionals in psychotherapy, coaching, consultancy and educational settings. The Introduction to TA (known as the TA 101 course) is a professional and enjoyable workshop that seeks to answer fundamental questions of life and relationships from a TA perspective. TA is brought to life by Dave as he demonstrates and guides you through the material.

The course covers the core concepts of TA and introduces TA ideas and techniques to participants using a mix of experiential and theoretical work, with time for discussions and personal questions. The goal for participants is to gain an overview of  TA theory and practice with participants with awareness of how TA can be used for professional and personal development.
  • September 13 / 14th - Friday / Saturday in Bucharest in person or hybrid with Dave Spencely TSTA - Times: 10 - 6, Romanian time - both days.
  • October 4 / 5th - Friday / Saturday - Online with Dave Spencely TSTA - Times: 10 - 6, German time - both days.
Cost: 650 Ron for those in Romania / Eastern Europe - 250 Euro for the rest of the world.

Using TA philosophy and practice Dave and Uta will create a supportive atmosphere in which you can safely explore your own development professionally and personally. Providing you with an opportunity to reflect on your professional practice and to develop your professional skills and techniques. TA training is focused on professional and personal growth.

Topics - the course covers:
  • Strokes: Our basic need for recognition and attachment.
  • Time Structure: Our basic need to structure time.
  • Ego States: Parent, Adult, Child: Our many selves… where they come from and understanding their use.  
  • Transactions: The 3 rules of communication and analysis of transactions.  
  • Discounting and passivity: How we make the world fit our frame of reference, and not solving problems!
  • Script: our life story written in childhood and acted out repeatedly …script development and changing.
  • Game theory: “Games People Play” The world best selling book was many peoples introduction to TA. The theory has moved on and we consider how and why we play games and how we can change these destructive patterns in our lives
Attendance - To apply to attend please email YTCi and confirm your attendance and send the fee to the YTCi accounts. (Details will be forwarded to you when you send your email applying for the 101 course)
  • YTCi payments page for the administration contract regarding the payment and cancellation policies.
  • YTCi online page - describes the YTCi policies regarding online and hybrid groups.

TA was developed by Eric Berne and his colleagues in the 1960's, and TA theory and practice continues to evolve and is now used throughout the world, in psychotherapy, coaching, counselling, leadership, consultancy, organisational and educational settings.

At YTCi we focus on psychotherapy, and within the counselling field of TA for TA coaching and leadership development.

See Dave's intorduction to "TA 101 notes" - The notes are available alongside other articles prepared by Dave for the TA training programme.
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